Oaks Retirement Village is located on a picturesque and private 7 acre lot in Historic Wallaceburg, Ontario. A variety of shops and stores can be found close by. Within walking distance our residents enjoy visits to Tim Hortons, Wal-Mart, multiple dollar stores, and other great shopping experiences. Wallaceburg is surrounded by some of the premier recreation opportunities in all of Ontario. Our local agriculture community provides fairs, farmer's markets, fruit picking and bakeries. Wallaceburg's geographic location puts it in the centre of the southern Great Lakes with access to great parks, walkways, beaches and waterways. The town also has in close proximity theatres, wineries, museums and many cultural events. Our community shuttle ensure residents are able to take in the beauty of Wallaceburg and surrounding area.

Oaks Retirement Village
80 McNaughton Avenue
Wallaceburg, Ontario
N8A 1R9